Keep in a Sentence

How to use the word Keep in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Keep.

Examples of Keep in a sentence

*** Keep in mind that each time you change your search criteria and execute a search, the data is saved and is used by the Robomatch feature.

*** They also keep their planes occupied with training, rent, commercial flights, air ambulance flights, aerial photography, etc.

*** this coat will keep you dry in the rain.

*** We keep walking through the rain.


*** Keep the soil moist.

*** In the new situation, the excitement of feeding people must endow with constant strength and new method, while the university, the educator and the student must keep well.

*** I keep hearing about healthy fat in seafood.

*** Keep in mind that variety is the key to healthy eating.


*** It helps keep your inbox free of unwanted, fraudulent and offensive emails.

*** There is even a mere bird attractor built especially for them, with islands and high banks to keep unwanted humans away.

*** Keep the ink cartridge at room temperature, avoiding sunlight, strong rays and heat source.

*** Just keep eating your victuals, Mr. Trump, with both hands.


*** I knew that the poor often keep their best clothes, sometimes their only respectable attire, to go to church.

*** She swore to keep the secret and asked him to build the cannon.

*** Can you still keep the blood of employees today?

*** The companies that manage the stores keep the details of their contents as a well-kept secret.


*** I let him keep young people for sentimental reasons since I do not need them for practical purposes.

*** Why be sentimental with that old coat? It does not make sense to keep it alone because you were wearing it when you met me.

*** The movie was so compelling that I could barely keep my eyes off the screen for a second.


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