Use Judiciously in a Sentence, How to use “Judiciously” in a sentence


Use Judiciously in a sentence. How to use the word Judiciously in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Judiciously. Sentence for Judiciously.

Use Judiciously in a Sentence - How to use "Judiciously" in a sentence


Examples of Judiciously in a sentence

  1. Here, we have identified a few steps that would help you manage your lump sum gains judiciously.
  2. Next time, Your Honor, try writing more judiciously.
  3. Antibiotics are weapons that should be used judiciously.
  4. He liked to build palaces and ships, and he expended vast sums, not very judiciously, on these plans.
  5. But judiciously to administer a system of rewards, or even of commendations, requires tact, discrimination, and skill.
  6. There were some other similar offerings made to other influential men, judiciously selected.
  7. But whatever you’re trying to do with your EQ, it’s best to use it judiciously, or you can easily create more problems than you solve.
  8. My opinion is, that this course, faithfully and judiciously pursued, will in almost all instances succeed; but it will not in all; and where it fails, there must be other, and more vigorous and decided measures.
  9. I use the forest judiciously.
  10. Sampling techniques: when used judiciously, a time-tested tool can help auditors increase the efficiency of their work.
  11. That being said, CT scans also save lives and we’re learning to use them more judiciously.
  12. Epidural anesthesia: a resource to use judiciously.
  13. Social media policies necessary, but wield them judiciously.
  14. Our opening paragraph with modifiers applied more judiciously.
  15. Why it’s time to use e-mail more judiciously.
  16. Still a helpful test when used judiciously.
  17. Use your credit card judiciously.
  18. Treasury secretary says sanctions must be used judiciously.
  19. The trees were thrifty, the shrubbery healthy, the roses vigorous, and the flowering plants judiciously selected; but what did strike the visitor was the wealth of bird-life.
  20. Consequences should be doled out judiciously.
  21. FM walks the talk, honestly and judiciously, but very diffidently.

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