Use Joyously in a Sentence, How to use “Joyously” in a sentence


Use Joyously in a sentence. How to use the word Joyously in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Joyously. Sentence for Joyously.

Use Joyously in a Sentence - How to use "Joyously" in a sentence


Examples of Joyously in a sentence

  1. How does one dress joyously?
  2. Life is meant to be lived joyously.
  3. Helen’s 100th birthday was joyously celebrated by her family in January.
  4. This philosophy body duo includes live joyously shampoo, bath, and shower gel and live joyously firming body emulsion.
  5. Her pictures embrace joyously colourful patterns, magical symbolism and deep serenity.
  6. Virtue lies in looking upwards, toiling upwards, and sometimes joyously leaping from one precarious crag of fact and feeling to the next.
  7. But I firmly believe that striving to dress joyously is a worthwhile endeavor.
  8. To joyously think we have found some solid ground in which we can stick a flag in and make a claim that finally, we have arrived.
  9. With a sudden startling guffaw the Traveling Salesman’s mirth rang joyously out above the roar of the car.
  10. Jumping joyously to his feet he made three apologies in one to the group that loomed up before him.
  11. In utter irrelevance the girl sank back on her heels and crossing her arms on her breast began to rock herself joyously to and fro.
  12. The Jewish people of Anatevka joyously sing a hopeful song in the face of an uncertain future.
  13. The Greek spectators, by looking into the abyss of human suffering and affirming it, passionately and joyously affirmed the meaning of their own existence.
  14. Prince Kote, Levan’s nephew, returns from a long journey and joins the festivities as everyone greets him joyously.
  15. Now in love with the gentleman and also wishing to help him in his impoverishment, Aouda proposes to Fogg, and he joyously accepts.
  16. The girl gibbon dances very joyously and therefore accelerates her movements.
  17. As they go their separate ways, Ignatz sees Krazy joyously dancing around.

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