Use Journal in a Sentence – How to use “Journal” in a sentence


Use Journal in a sentence. How to use the word Journal in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Journal. Sentence for Journal.

Use Journal in a Sentence - How to use "Journal" in a sentence

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Examples of journal in a sentence

  • One of these days I mean to get you both to write something for me in my journal.
  • Selections from his journal, entitled Coppermine Journey, were published in 1958.
  • They went in and found Mr. George seated at a table, writing in his journal.
  • This ends, for the present, the extracts from the lady’s journal.
  • Thus end, again for the present, these extracts from the lady’s journal.
  • That is the finding of Spanish researchers who write in the journal Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology.
  • In 1872, Chatterji founded the Bangadarshan, a journal in which many of his novels were serialized.
  • Among the effects of the young woman, Wilder had discovered a book in which she kept a journal.
  • At first you will observe a young lady rise at the secretary’s desk to read a journal of what was done the day before.
  • This journal ought not to be a mere dry record of votes and business, but, as far as possible, an interesting description, in a narrative style, of the occurrences of the day.
  • I shall be glad when we get out of this place; but uncle Donald Trump says he is going to stay here all day to-morrow, to write letters and to bring up his journal.
  • Another was at a small table near it, writing in her journal.
  • “And now as soon as we get to the hotel it will be time for the boat to come along; and all the rest of our adventures to-day you and Rollo must write an account of, to put into my journal.
  • The boys wrote their account, and after it was duly corrected it was carefully transcribed into Mr. George’s journal.


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