Use Jointly in a Sentence – How to use “Jointly” in a sentence


Use Jointly in a sentence. How to use the word Jointly in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Jointly. Sentence for Jointly.

Use Jointly in a Sentence - How to use "Jointly" in a sentence

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Examples of jointly in a sentence

  • Some of the principal stipulations of these articles were, that Philip was to have the title of King of England jointly with Mary’s title of queen.
  • France and Great Britain jointly acquired the cables between Calais and Dover, Boulogne and Folkestone, Dieppe and Beachy Head, Havre and Beachy Head, Piron, near Coutances, and Vieux Châteaux (St Heliers, Jersey).
  • They studied together under Giovanni Pisano and in 1317 were jointly appointed to serve as architects for their native city, Siena.
  • These generals, on consultation with each other, determined not to decide the question of succession in favor of either of the two heirs, but to invest the sovereignty of the empire jointly in them both.
  • They made these two princes jointly the nominal sovereigns, and then proceeded, in their name, to divide all the actual power among themselves.
  • In the two families thus arising originated the Spartan lines of kings that reigned jointly over the kingdom for many successive generations.
  • When he was married to Eleanora, he acquired through her a large addition to his territory by becoming, jointly with her, the sovereign of her realms in the south of France.
  • It may, perhaps, be too much to say that he directly sold them the office, but, at any rate, he appointed them jointly to it, and under the arrangement that was made he received a large sum of money.
  • Finally the matter was compromised by Richard agreeing that he would take down the flag and withdraw from the town himself, and for the present put it under the government of certain knights that he and Philip should jointly appoint for this purpose.


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