Use Jewish in a Sentence, How to use “Jewish” in a sentence


Use jewish in a sentence. Sentence for jewish. How to use the word jewish in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word jewish. How to use “jewish” with example sentences.

Use Jewish in a Sentence - How to use "Jewish" in a sentence

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Examples of jewish in a sentence

  1. In the Jewish religion, men use a yarmulke to remind us that God is above us.
  2. Incense was a perfume used in the Jewish cult and, as a gift, showed that people would worship Jesus.
  3. A distinguished man of the Jewish stock had submitted to be the servant of the deadly enemy.
  4. In the camp at Hadad Rimmon the remnant of the Jewish army lamented over the pious king–who then found his resting-place in the sepulchres of his fathers at Jerusalem–and sang songs of lamentation.
  5. In the reign of Shapur I. (241-272 A.D.) a native of Ctesiphon, of the name of Mani, came forward with a new doctrine which attempted to mingle Chaldæan, Jewish, and Christian elements in the faith of Iran, and to resolve it into abstractions.
  6. Then, as has been already shown, Nebuchadnezzar blockaded Tyre from 586 B.C. to 573 B.C. We saw that Hophrah opposed Nebuchadnezzar in the years of the Jewish war, _i.e._ from his accession till the fall of Jerusalem (589-586 B.C.).
  7. Hermann Cohen; (1842-1918), German philosopher, who was a leader of the neo-Kantian Marburg school of philosophy and a major Jewish religious thinker.
  8. He was professor of philosophy at Marburg from 1876 until his resignation in 1912, when he went to teach at the School of Jewish Studies in Berlin.
  9. Aretas II is mentioned by the historian Josephus Flavius in his account of the siege of Gaza by the Jewish king Jannaeus Alexander in 96 b.c. Aretas encouraged the city’s resistance to Jannaeus and promised his support.
  10. He came to the aid of Augustus in the Jewish wars that broke out in 4 b.c. after the death of Herod the Great.


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