Use Jealousy in a Sentence, How to use “Jealousy” in a sentence


Use Jealousy in a sentence. How to use the word Jealousy in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Jealousy. Sentence for Jealousy.

Use Jealousy in a Sentence - How to use "Jealousy" in a sentence


Examples of Jealousy in a sentence

  1. Jealousy and hatred were unavoidable but they attempted no rebellion.
  2. Under pretence of offering sacrifice at Hebron, which city perhaps looked with jealousy on the new metropolis, Absalom went from Jerusalem to Hebron.
  3. He began to entertain, or to pretend to entertain, feelings of jealousy and suspicion that Anne was unfaithful to him.
  4. They enlisted, however, on their respective sides various partisans, producing a great deal of jealousy and ill will, and increasing the animosity of their husbands.
  5. He treated her with supercilious coldness and neglect, and evinced, from time to time, a degree of interest in other ladies which awakened her jealousy and anger.
  6. She was prompted to do this by her rage and jealousy against his mother, for whose sake Philip had abandoned her.
  7. This affair excited the mind of Cleonymus to a perfect phrensy of jealousy and rage.
  8. The object of his jealousy was a certain officer of his court whose name was De la Croix.
  9. Mary, the child whom she had so long looked upon with feelings of jealousy and envy was, from this time, to take her place as queen.
  10. It is probable that the real ground of offense which the nobles had against Rizzio was jealousy of his superior influence with the queen.
  11. During this time the king made many donations to the convent for Rosamond’s sake, and the jealousy of the queen against her beautiful rival, of course, continued unabated.
  12. Thus the camp of the Crusaders, from one cause and another, had become one universal scene of rivalry, jealousy, and discord.
  13. The Senate, however, resisted this plan, either from jealousy of Caesar or from a sense of justice to Egypt; and, after a violent contest, Caesar found himself compelled to give up the design.

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