Use Itself in a Sentence, How to use “Itself” in a sentence


How to use the word Itself in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Itself.

Use Itself in a Sentence - How to use "Itself" in a sentence


Examples of Itself in a sentence

  1. The school, through the writings of Menger, dissociated itself from the Germans.
  2. But the golden insect par excellence is an investor who expects all forms of paper wealth to collapse, along with civilization itself.
  3. The anteater is a mammal that buries itself in the ground to trap ants and termites.
  4. His was the first attempt to explain Stalinism as an aberration through the forms of Marxist analysis itself.
  5. Using plastic to pay for an order is simplicity itself.
  6. The operating system itself would have the ability to purge unused and unwanted programs.
  7. The town itself is nice, but the surrounding countryside is pretty boring.
  8. In addition, there was a great reluctance to intervene in the family itself.
  9. Subsequently, the silent redirection arises from the bassoons, which take up the theme of the wandering piano, while the piano itself becomes an accompaniment of sixteenths pp.
  10. This army distinguished itself in campaigns against the Ottoman Turks in 1821-23.
  11. The Serbs in Kosovo live in very protected enclaves or in a compact patch that borders Serbia itself.
  12. The word “roll” itself came from a tiny Latin word “tag” which in turn came from “rota” which means “wheel”.
  13. The grapefruit itself was first found in Jamaica and was given its name because the large, round, greenish-yellow fruits grow in clusters like bunches of grapes.
  14. This may not in itself have created an inferiority complex because, in their context, a better axe was a necessity for survival.
  15. Well, that same need of relating our knowledge, which operates here within the sphere of our knowledge itself, we shall find operating, also, outside that sphere.
  16. The mediaeval Universities came into being, because the supposed knowledge, delivered by Scripture and the Church, so deeply engaged men’s hearts, by so simply, easily, and powerfully relating itself to their desire for conduct, their desire for beauty.

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