Use Issue in a Sentence, How to use “Issue” in a sentence


Use Issue in a sentence. How to use the word Issue in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Issue. Sentence for Issue.

Use Issue in a Sentence - How to use "Issue" in a sentence

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Examples of issue in a sentence

  1. Was criticized for using arguments that obfuscated the main issue.
  2. The issue of all things in this world, the book says, depends on the laws of fate, which are regulated according to the acts of men in their former existence.
  3. If you missed it because of this, you can always access the issue (as well as prior issues) in our newsletter archive.
  4. Some of our readers noted that the last newsletter issue was flagged as spam in their email.
  5. However, this had turned into a ripe opportunity for them as the issue created quite a stir in favor of the website.
  6. It had been an on-going issue for many years and it was especially horrible for Ava, her 21 year old daughter.
  7. The most convincing lesson of this marathon legal issue is that the truth is not a bright city on a hill.
  8. The climate of opinion on the delicate issue of euthanasia is gradually changing.
  9. He died without male issue, and his brother, Francis (died 1641) became 4th Earl.
  10. Another issue is that he cares very little to sow chaos and the own technical bankruptcy of the municipal Consistory.
  11. Welcome to another issue of the HotScripts newsletter.
  12. Battles must be avoided as much as possible if the object can be attained by other means, for the issue of a battle can never be foreseen.
  13. If the issue were favourable, the dominion of Assyria over Syria would thus be removed; in any case Egypt would have allies in Syria for the war against Assyria.
  14. Isaiah foresaw very plainly what would be the issue of this undertaking which to him appeared madness and intoxication.


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