Use Is Not in a Sentence, How to use “Is Not” in a sentence


Use is not in a sentence. How to use the word is not in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word is not.

Use Is Not in a Sentence - How to use "Is Not" in a sentence


Examples of is not in a sentence

  1. The president is not willing to shave before the nation.
  2. This is not a particularly original view, and each word was reviewed by accredited theologians.
  3. Doubtless, the poem is melodramatie, but while Goldsmith used a poet’s weapons against selfish luxury, argument is not the essential merit of the work.
  4. Indefinite article: used to indicate that a thing is not identified as unique.
  5. One or two of the above photos reveal an intriguing androgyny that is not normally associated with the actress.
  6. She is not a big shake as an actress.
  7. He is not likely to depart and accept defeat.
  8. Although I accept that it is not perfect in many aspects, in fact I like man a lot.
  9. We have to accept that this is not an ideal world.
  10. The rain is not so bad, just drizzle.
  11. And bad basketball without drama and suspense is not only shameful, but even worse, beyond boring.
  12. Your house is not cozy, it has the rigid atmosphere of a hotel.
  13. Because it is not only with large clients that you will need a good accountant.
  14. I recently discovered that even the accounting profession is not a bar.
  15. He is not a bad guy, quite human for an accountant.
  16. He is not really an accountant, just a startled office worker.
  17. It is not known why some zygotes do not implant.
  18. It is not characteristic of them to devote much thought or planning to the creation of a radically changed and improved future.
  19. This hedonism, however, is not indulged in at the expense of the fulfillment of obligations to other persons, for in his relationships with his fellowmen the traditional African is fundamentally a humanitarian.
  20. Unlike other animal shells, the shell of the argonaut is not connected to the body, and the animal may move out of it any time.

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