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Use Is in a sentence. How to use the word Is in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Is.

Definition of Is

Examples of Is in a sentence

*** It is also found widespread as a weed in southern Europe and in Asia.

*** The quantity of additives of the PVDF binder and the black acetylene conductor is studied in the document.

*** He is nothing more than a glorified accountant.

*** Its action is the insulation protection.

*** Is it a pencil? Are you sure?

*** The comparative study of these catalysts for the hydrochlorination of acetylene is described and the reason deactivated is discussed.

*** In some cases, a single antenna serves a block of flats or a valley area where reception from the air is poor.

*** My brother is studying to be an accountant.

*** He is living proof that not all engineers are bored.

*** But paperwork is the most boring part of the work of the police department.

*** CEDAR KEY, is a small island off the northwestern Florida coast, 90 miles (145 km) northwest of Tampa.

*** Their fate is obscure.

*** On one hand it seerns that Etana became afraid, the eagle faltered, and they fell to earth and were killed; on the other hand, there is mention of a son of Etana as King of Kish.

*** It is also marked by considerable internal heterogeneity, although islam is a unifying force.

*** Trade involving the use of money is widespread.

*** Although it is similar to that of gregarines, it differs in the formation of zygotes.

*** Body decoration by painting, tattooing, and scarification is widespread.

*** Biddling often precedes storytelling, and the folktale is punetuated with music and song, with participation by the listeners.

*** Storytelling is a fine art in Africa and is professionalized in some societies.

*** Emden is also of importance as the station of the submarine cables connecting Germany with England, North America and Spain.

*** Benin bronze plaque from Nigeria is illustrative of one of the most renowned cultures of Africa.

*** Her taunts enrage him, and he hurls a lighted lamp at her—thus supporting her charge that he is insane.

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