Involved in a Sentence

Use Involved in a sentence. How to use the word Involved in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Involved.

Definition of Involved

Examples of Involved in a sentence

*** He had, when his political prejudices were not involved, a sharp critical taste and, as a member of the Goncourt Academy, was among the first to acclaim the writers Proust and Céline.

*** Like most members of his culture, he was intensively involved in subsistence agriculture or other rnodes of basic survival.

*** The use of the imagination is one of the vital components of successful hypnotherapy, regardless of whether the regression is involved or not.

*** The segments are filmed using local actors or the people involved.

*** Rico was involved in that, but Rico yelled at Spider.

*** However, I knew from bitter experience that forging such a link at the end of the 20th century involved experimentation and error.

*** From this he deduced that oxygen is not necessary for the first phase of heat production—that is, that the chemical reactions immediately involved in muscle contraction do not make use of oxygen—but that oxygen is needed and oxidative processes do occur after contraction when die muscle recovers.

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