Use Investment in a Sentence – How to use “Investment” in a sentence


Use Investment in a sentence. How to use the word Investment in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Investment. Sentence for Investment.

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Examples of Investment in a sentence

  1. It may be lower than the original investment.
  2. Firstly, there is the need to get the original investment appraisal right.
  3. Anypad Private/ Public sale is not an investment vehicle or security.
  4. Her original investment had increased twofold.
  5. This includes the possibility of losing some or all of the original investment.
  6. The categories include: liquid assets , real estate, personal possessions, and investment assets.
  7. Redound 3000 much, shanghai achieves the original investment that pitch to had been taken.
  8. Principal An original investment amount excluding interest or an initial amount borrowed excluding interest.
  9. The principal or original investment amount is placed into a savings interest at a pre – determined rate.
  10. However, rather than a pure investment, buying a piece of land in Dalarnia also comes with responsibilities to grow the economy in the game.
  11. Anypad would serve as a one-stop incubator to accelerate new blockchain and Defi projects while exposing investors to fair investment opportunities in verified blockchain projects and an Automated Market Maker to create sufficient liquidity without impermanent loss.


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