Use Investigation in a Sentence – How to use “Investigation” in a sentence


Use Investigation in a sentence. How to use the word Investigation in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Investigation. Sentence for Investigation.

Use Investigation in a Sentence - How to use "Investigation" in a sentence

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Examples of investigation in a sentence

  1. Much depends on the future flndings of archaeologists, coordinated with further investigation of more recent forms and traditions.
  2. Editor’s note: the report was misleading in suggesting that Mr. Trumps’s observations were made during the investigation.
  3. Based on the investigation of the vegetation of the peninsula of Dapeng, the characteristics of the resources of spermatophytes are analyzed and their sustainable use and conservation is suggested.
  4. The collection of research data has its own impetus and this part of the investigation procedure was conducted in a reasonably fluid manner.
  5. The initial impetus of the investigation was being lost and now everyone was groping.
  6. The discovery gave a new impetus to the investigation.
  7. In 1957 he patented a device that utilizes ultraviolet light and television to permit a color picture of living cells in action to be thrown upon a screen, opening new possibilities for biological investigation.
  8. It is a criminal proceeding that takes the form of a preliminary investigation, rather than a trial involving an individual’s guilt or innocence.
  9. With the spread of compulsory auto liability insurance, some authorities have favored removing the question of negligence entirely from auto liability cases and reserving for criminal investigation the question of gross negligence.
  10. Undue fatigue arising from activity that formerly did not cause weariness deserves investigation of heart function.


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