Use Invaded in a Sentence – How to use “Invaded” in a sentence


Use Invaded in a sentence. How to use the word Invaded in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Invaded. Sentence for Invaded.

Use Invaded in a Sentence - How to use "Invaded" in a sentence

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Examples of invaded in a sentence

  1. The growing city soon invaded the surrounding countryside.
  2. The scents of wood earth and rotting leaves invaded my brain like a magic spell.
  3. It is too much like a country-seat, colonel, to be invaded by an enemy.
  4. It was integral, in combined efforts with Torchwood Three and Martha Jones, in contacting the Tenth Doctor when the Daleks invaded the Earth.
  5. The King of Portugal was at this time at war with the Moors, who had come over from Africa and invaded his dominions.
  6. Antigonus was the son of Demetrius, who had reigned in Macedon at a former period, before Lysimachus had invaded and conquered the kingdom.
  7. At the time that Mary was born, he was away from home engaged in war with the King of England, who had invaded Scotland.
  8. In fact, Alexander of Epirus used to say that the reason why his nephew, Alexander of Macedon, had succeeded, while he himself had failed, was because he himself had invaded countries peopled by _men_, while the Macedonian, in his Asiatic campaign, had encountered only women.
  9. He invaded England with a wild horde which attended him for a short time, but he soon retired and went to France, where he afterward greatly distinguished himself by his prowess and his exploits.
  10. In fact, watchfulness, caution, and delay are generally the policy of the invaded when a powerful force has succeeded in establishing itself among them; while, on the other hand, the hope of _invaders_ lies ordinarily in prompt and decided action.
  11. That is always the proper course for the invaded to pursue with invaders, where there is the least doubt of the success of a battle.


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