Use Into in a Sentence, How to use “Into” in a sentence


How to use the word Into in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Into.

Use Into in a Sentence - How to use "Into" in a sentence

Examples of Into in a sentence

  1. Transplant into good soil.
  2. In all, Cesalpino classified plants into 32 groups, some corresponding to modern families.
  3. Hard disks, in turn, are subdivided into fixed heads and mobile head discs that are cartridge or package.
  4. The serpent sank its fangs into its victim.
  5. The resounding cry of emancipation from the tyranny of imitation echoed well into the twentieth century.
  6. Inevitably, the conversation would turn into politics, and that inevitably led to heated arguments.
  7. Objective To convert technology into the weight of the large caliber anti-aircraft machine gun.
  8. A hook-shaped peninsula in southeastern Massachusetts that extends east and north into the Atlantic Ocean.
  9. When Mr. Kato drove a two-ton white rental truck into the street in a zigzag pattern, striking several people.
  10. She deviated and, without an alternative site in sight, crashed into the marsh that rested on the landing field.
  11. In addition, there was a young man in the congregation who fell into this sin.
  12. He deviated and, without an alternative site in sight, crashed into the marsh adjacent to the landing field.
  13. A mentally ill man was mutilated after climbing into the lion enclosure at the London Zoo.
  14. By 1169 he had conquered the Wendish stronghold on Rugen, baptized the pirates, and incorporated the island into the Danish kingdom.
  15. The back is made of strips of wood molded into a rounded form and glued together.
  16. In 1961, Yuri Gagarin of the Soviet Union was sent into space, and he orbited the earth.
  17. Within a few years, the Americans had developed rockets to lift two or three astronauts into orbit.
  18. The term “abolitionist” came into use about 1835.
  19. The order is divided into five suborders, one containing the ticks and the other four the mites.
  20. Hercules (Herakles), with whom he competed for the maiden Deianeira, tore off one of his horns, which the nymphs then fashioned into the horn of plenty.

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