Use Interplanetary in a Sentence, How to use “Interplanetary” in a sentence


Use Interplanetary in a sentence. How to use the word Interplanetary in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Interplanetary. Sentence for Interplanetary.

Use Interplanetary in a Sentence - How to use "Interplanetary" in a sentence


Examples of Interplanetary in a sentence

  1. Our interplanetary visitors might be amazed at such silly gullibility.
  2. Humans are just beginning to explore interplanetary travel.
  3. Satellites circling Mars could help send information back to Earth over an interplanetary Internet.
  4. … into the future and off the planet to try to see what a Mars colony might mean for people, companies and infrastructure providers in an interplanetary society.
  5. Wanting to become interplanetary usually follows emotional trauma on a scale where you would rather be torn apart by the vacuum of space than be sober.
  6. The Interplanetary Magnetic Field It comes from the Sun!
  7. The InterPlanetary Project seeks to engage with the pressing problems of today by imagining the challenges of tomorrow.
  8. The phenomenon was an interplanetary shock, which is an interaction between two different patches of the stream of charged particles constantly …
  9. Moon will likely be the base for future interplanetary missions.
  10. We present a simple model for estimating the probability of interplanetary panspermia in the recently discovered system of seven planets …
  11. In this article we will learn what the interplanetary magnetic field is and how it affects auroral activity here on Earth.
  12. An interplanetary internet, which is an idea that NASA has researched and is based on open data protocols, could solve major communications …
  13. This study focuses on one of these unusual systems, for the first time finding evidence that an interplanetary collision took place while the …
  14. Interplanetary colonists both new and old may struggle to understand one another.
  15. Submicrometre-size meteoric smoke aggregates form when interplanetary dust particles ablate and re-coagulate in the Martian atmosphere.
  16. We already have an interplanetary network in operation between Earth, Mars and the International Space Station (ISS).
  17. Hope is the Arab world’s first ever interplanetary mission.

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