Use Interest in a Sentence, How to use “Interest” in a sentence


Use Interest in a sentence. How to use the word Interest in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Interest. Sentence for Interest.

Use Interest in a Sentence - How to use "Interest" in a sentence


Examples of interest in a sentence

  1. To impart interest or enthusiasm to; encourage.
  2. Interest is what you pay for borrowing money, and what banks pay you for saving money with them.
  3. With his wife he founded the Camp Fire Girls in 1910. In an endeavor to stimulate public interest in hygiene and physical education, he gave lectures and published books and articles.
  4. ENCUMBRANCE, or incumbrance, a right or interest in, or a claim on, the land or personal property of one person by another.
  5. There was a great deal of interest in the subject during the 1950’s, especially around the time of Sir Edmund Hillary’s conquest of Mount Everest in 1953.
  6. His Battle of the Nudes, the first important Italian engraving, reflects his goldsmith’s training and his interest in anatomy.
  7. His early works were historical romances, but his later novels reflected his interest in social issues.
  8. Her interest in earlier English dress gave her a thorough foundation in costume, and she was influenced artistically by Japanese prints, the pre-Raphaelites, and the English artists John Leech and George Boughton.
  9. The Crucible (1953), concerning witchcraft in Salem, received mixed reviews but was successfully revived in the late 1950’s, and A View from the Bridge (1955) created much interest both at home and abroad.
  10. I have to remember a similar issue as is the plot in front of the old Ginoris bar that according to calculations by analysts in the matter, it can cause the City Council a total of about 40 million euros if we count the judge’s last order of 3% of interest has gone up to 5%.
  11. Because less and less is understood the interest of the City Council to convert the Islet of French into a public area

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