Use Intentionally in a Sentence, How to use “Intentionally” in a sentence


Use Intentionally in a sentence. How to use the word Intentionally in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Intentionally. Sentence for Intentionally.

Use Intentionally in a Sentence - How to use "Intentionally" in a sentence

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Examples of Intentionally in a sentence

  1. But I am not, I believe, stingy, nor ever intentionally unfair.
  2. Not intentionally, of course, but just in the inevitable human nature of things.
  3. If the author quoted had in mind such a winter as this, perhaps he can not be held as intentionally wrong as to the climate; but why need he have exaggerated?
  4. F. W. Winterbotham claimed that Churchill had advance warning, but intentionally did nothing about the raid, to safeguard Ultra.
  5. Had Cambyses slain Prexaspes himself intentionally or in anger, it would be conceivable; but the murder of his son is unintelligible.
  6. You can live your priorities by taking five steps to live intentionally now.
  7. They had either intentionally deceived him, or they were ignorant themselves, and in that case they were worthless impostors.
  8. Any one who intentionally eats what is forbidden is expelled by the members of his family from the family and caste.
  9. Either intentionally or unintentionally people sometimes take overdoses of “sleeping pills,” which in many cases leads to death, and most states have laws governing purchase of these potentially harmful drugs.
  10. If a Kshatriya intentionally slays a Brahman, he must allow himself to be shot down by arrows, or throw himself head-foremost three times into the fire till death ensues.
  11. In past days, indeed, the Aryas had cried to Varuna to be gracious, to pardon and blot out the offences which men had committed against the gods, intentionally or involuntarily, from an evil heart or from weakness and seduction.
  12. But the draft of the first half of the hymnal, which was sent to the king six years later, showed that, intentionally or otherwise, he had ignored them almost completely.


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