Use Intense in a Sentence – How to use “Intense” in a sentence


How to use the word Intense in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Intense.

Use Intense in a Sentence - How to use "Intense" in a sentence


Examples of Intense in a sentence

  1. Intense are pushing hard at the moment.
  2. If the fire went out the cold would be intense, and might prove fatal to him.
  3. Relatively intense rainfall also occurs at the northernmost tip of the Cape York peninsula and in New Guinea.
  4. It will be observed, too, that all the time this teacher was performing these experiments, and watching with intense interest the results, his pupils were going on undisturbed in their pursuits.
  5. Intense eyeshadows formulated with extra-fine pigments and infused with Hemp Seed Oil for buttery feel yet fierce color payoff.
  6. Therefore, the intense runoff production inferred from the results of the Mars Science Laboratory rover was not a short-lived or local anomaly.
  7. The formula features intense pearls and bronzing pigments that melt into the skin and set for hours to give you bold and luxurious texture.
  8. Liven up your vape with myblu’s new line of intense liquidpod flavours refills with nicotine salts.
  9. Ever since Intense burst on the scene with the M1 DH bike, they’ve been completely focused on being at the absolute pinnacle of the mountain biking world.
  10. Intense precipitation is a mixed blessing for agricultural producers.
  11. Watch Kamala Harris’ intense interrogations on the Hill.
  12. If we accept these two statements, then it logically follows that there should already be an observable increase in intense hurricanes.
  13. Evaluation of seasonal malaria chemoprevention in two areas of intense seasonal malaria transmission.
  14. It was an intense and terrifying moment for one Iowa business owner as intense winds ripped the roof right off his building.
  15. And, last, there has been the constant wearing upon him of a close imprisonment with me, for whom I know he now must have a most intense dislike.
  16. There was the fire to be kept up, for the cold was intense.
  17. She had an intense desire to do something for him.

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