Use Insists in a Sentence, How to use “Insists” in a sentence


Use Insists in a sentence. How to use the word Insists in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Insists. Sentence for Insists.

Insists in a Sentence
Definition of Insists

  • verb
    3rd person present: insists
  • demand something with force, not accept rejection.
  • forcefully demand something.
  • persist in doing something even though it is annoying or strange.

Examples of Insists in a sentence

  1. But when she insists on inhaling it, too!
  2. There is an old cabinet that my mom insists to throw away.
  3. The queer part is that the boy insists she ain’t dead.
  4. She insists that she is not suing for money and stands to gain nothing from all this.
  5. It insists, however, that there should be evidence that the wish, so expressed, is really a deliberate and final act.
  6. But to avoid unnecessary expenses during the flight, she always insists on bringing her own drinks and food.
  7. AC Fenerbahçe midfielder Alex insists that the unwanted star of Barcelona Karacevhev be welcomed at Kadıköy.
  8. When this suggestion first appeared, in a biased Bruce Perry biography of 1991, the criticism was enormous, but Marable insists that the evidence is now more convincing.
  9. But that does not weaken my argument, which is, that John (alone of the evangelists) insists on other-knowledge, not on self-knowledge, as being the essential thing.
  10. But he will not make any effort to be still when you are sick, or to avoid interrupting you when you are busy; and insists, perhaps, on your carrying him when he is tired, without seeming to think or care whether you may not be tired too.
  11. Like the Achæmenids, too, they would not permit their armies to fight by night, and we are told that in their time the greatest weight was given to the love of truth and fidelity, _i.e._ to the virtues which, according to Herodotus, the Persians of his time considered the most important, and on which the Avesta insists above all others.


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