Use Insatiable in a Sentence – How to use “Insatiable” in a sentence


Use Insatiable in a sentence. How to use the word Insatiable in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Insatiable. Sentence for Insatiable.

Use Insatiable in a Sentence - How to use "Insatiable" in a sentence


Definition of insatiable

  • Not able to be satisfied; never getting enough; greedy

Examples of insatiable in a sentence

  1. an insatiable appetite.
  2. In an insatiable curiosity, Dawkins shows us an unusual journey through his early years, his intellectual awakening in Oxford and the way to the publication of The Selfish Gene.
  3. Guerrero showed that the 14-month sanction for doping imposed by FIFA did not undermine neither his physical power nor his insatiable hunger for goal.
  4. He hates and defies you, object as you are, through your insatiable cruelty, and the nauseous bitterness of your waters, of the common abomination of mankind.
  5. During the entertainment, the inhabitants of the country waited upon their exacting and insatiable guests until they were utterly exhausted by the fatigues of the service.
  6. The resources of a mother, whether great or small, are always soon exhausted by the insatiable requirements of a dissolute and profligate son.
  7. Satiate thyself with the blood for which thou didst thirst with an insatiable desire.
  8. Demetrius was a man of the most violent and insatiable ambition, and wholly unscrupulous in respect to the means of gratifying the passion.
  9. This circumstance was the arrival of a new band of Danes, who were, it seems, more numerous, more ferocious, and more insatiable than any who had come before them.
  10. He was thus far only the second in a province, while he burned with an insatiable ambition to be the first in Rome.
  11. Arsinoƫ was very willing to go, for she was now beginning to be old enough to feel the impulse of that insatiable and reckless ambition which seemed to form such an essential element in the character of every son and daughter in the whole Ptolemaic line.

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