Use Inner in a Sentence, How to use “Inner” in a sentence


Use Inner in a sentence. How to use the word Inner in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Inner. Sentence for Inner.

Inner - Sentence for Inner - Use Inner in a Sentence


Definition of Inner

  • located inside or more inside; internal
  • mental or spiritual

Examples of Inner in a sentence

  1. Try to stand up and demand that fear leave your inner being, as an unwanted guest.
  2. For notables and businessmen, Sergeant Janeway was a quaint maid in the inner drug lobby.
  3. The inner layer of the cortex differs in the endodermis.
  4. I was a reverse chameleon, shedding my inner self while my skin remained intact.
  5. This basin is formed by and receives important streams flowing from the inner slopes of the northern and eastern edge.
  6. Then he must bathe, take such exercise as becomes a king, and then repair to the meal in his inner chambers.
  7. Placed at intervals of about 100 feet ( 30 meters ) were towers, about 380 in number, which connected the higher fortifications with inner arcades.
  8. Once you look closer, dive under the surface of the skin, explore the inner workings of the biological systems that ensure our everyday life, you just can’t help but admire the marvel that you really are.
  9. Springing from the southern slope of the Hindu Kush, the river flows towards the west along the inner edge of the table-land, till it bursts through the northern barrier in order to lose itself in the sand of the steppes.
  10. Berosus told us above that Nebuchadnezzar surrounded the old city as well as the new, the inner city as well as the outer, with a triple wall.
  11. Herodotus does not speak of three walls but only of two, an outer and an inner wall, “hardly inferior in strength to the other, but of less extent,” (p. 369).
  12. It would be very remarkable that within half a century or even a century after the time of Herodotus, no trace was left of the two inner walls mentioned by him.
  13. While he watched me I was conscious of an inner struggle, as if opposing angels warred somewhere in the depths of my being.

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