Use Information in a Sentence

Use Information in a sentence. How to use the word Information in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Information.

Definition of Information

Examples of Information in a sentence

*** Any accredited user can obtain relevant video information through the network.

*** Information about the characteristics and legendary of Harpies.


*** Noted must promote the standard of financing the network, depends on the Accountant Yu strengthening the management of information technology.

*** All this was information that Kirsty revealed to me during the course of the regression session while I was under hypnosis.

*** The concept of discrete regression, the method called repeated information distribution and its application in the recognition of epicentral intensity are presented in this document.

*** Interference pattern Current cell phone networks treat interference information as unwanted noise and discard it.


*** The bag carries the data transfer cartridge, which contains the mission information and approach plates to the landing.

*** The trust, reliability and protection of this information against security threats is a crucial prerequisite for the functioning of electronic commerce.

*** The information we have is inevitably partial.

*** Set up an Employee Information Database using MS EXCEL and manage internal personnel files to maintain a consistent and up-to-date file system.


*** However, it is a problem of mourning in China that misleading information is provided in your reports by companies that can trace the profit declaration in various ways.

*** Buyers who request authorization and other parties who submit information to regulatory authorities face prosecution if they provide false or misleading information.

*** Mr. Irons and Sheriff Nicholson believe that the court’s decision was based on misleading information.

*** This, in my opinion, is largely due to the scaremongering and misleading information that has been given to the industry from various sources.


*** Soon learn to give misleading information or delay the sending of the document.

*** One of the most pressing needs for readers in the eighties was reliable information about purchases.

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