Use Inevitably in a Sentence, How to use “Inevitably” in a sentence


Use inevitably in a sentence. How to use the word inevitably in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word inevitably. Sentence for inevitably.

Inevitably in a Sentence


Examples of inevitably in a sentence

  1. Inevitably, the transition will generate some difficult moments.
  2. Wherever their personal sympathies may lie, they share the point of view that a permanent commitment to one side or the other would inevitably damage their national interests, since they continue to depend on both sides for economic assistance.
  3. The decision will inevitably lead to political tensions.
  4. In the way you advance, you are inevitably falling apart.
  5. The recent political incident will inevitably count against the peace process of the two countries.
  6. Deviate from socialism and China will inevitably retreat to semifeudalism and semicolonialism.
  7. The suggestion inevitably provoked the indignation of the student leaders.
  8. Stores will inevitably end up competing with each other in their drive for greater market shares.
  9. Inevitably, when both parents have custody of the child, there is much to exchange between them for the child in question.
  10. Inevitably took out his frustrations with the children.
  11. Most modern developments are terrible and inevitably they are made at a low price.
  12. Inevitably, the press exaggerated history.
  13. Such a large investment inevitably carries some risk.
  14. Old cars inevitably lack the latest security refinements.
  15. Anyone who betrays his motherland will inevitably fall into the abyss of eternal sin and shame.
  16. The air accident investigation will inevitably distribute the blame to certain crew members.
  17. Such a policy would inevitably provoke strong resistance from farmers.
  18. As the political emphasis changes, Bulgaria will inevitably become more Westernized.
  19. To make your life a solid structure that serves others and fulfills your own potential, you must remember that strength, however massive, can not last unless you have the sustenance of others. Go alone and you will inevitably fall.
  20. He is used to receiving a lot of attention from his wife, which will inevitably diminish when the baby is born.
  21. Your arguments inevitably end in tears.

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