Use Indefinite in a Sentence, How to use “Indefinite” in a sentence


Use Indefinite in a sentence. How to use the word Indefinite in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Indefinite.

Use Indefinite in a Sentence - How to use "Indefinite" in a sentence


Examples of Indefinite in a sentence

  1. *** Anyway, we are here for an indefinite future and they gave me the job of furnishing the hotel.
  2. *** And will provide free and unlimited local calls for an indefinite period.
  3. *** And very often an indefinite article possibly with some er in a nominal phrase with some modifier.
  4. *** In 1985, a PGCE tutors conference drafted a description of a basic curriculum whose status remains indefinite.
  5. *** The next day, doctors and medical staff announced an indefinite strike, which was declared immediately illegal.
  6. *** These autocracy spells were once more often longer and indefinite in duration, sometimes, in fact, they spread for decades.
  7. *** On August 28, the mayor of Bucharest declared an indefinite ban on all meetings and demonstrations in the main central squares of Bucharest.
  8. *** To avoid a suspension of the league, Favre was prohibited from drinking beer for an indefinite period.
  9. *** However, incumbent teachers do not have the right to a particular position in a school district or to an indefinite job.
  10. *** For the parallel connection by linear network ports, without variation of time and initial with multiple play, the effect on the network transfer function is analyzed using an indefinite admittance matrix.
  11. *** The traveler was an old man, thick, square-shouldered, wrinkled, yellow, with gray eyelashes protruding from his bright eyes of an indefinite gray color.
  12. *** Results There were 18 teeth of curing paste in negative or indefinite with electrical pulp test of 102 teeth of change or vibration in trace group.
  13. *** An indefinite number of people read Shakespeare.
  14. *** The structure has an indefinite life.
  15. *** After publicly apologizing and admitting his infidelity, Woods said he “would take an indefinite break from professional golf.”
  16. *** The part that nature has in any work of man is indefinite and immeasurable.
  17. *** LUFS is a hybrid user-space file system framework that supports an indefinite number of file systems transparently for any application.
  18. *** Consider the indefinite article: a judicial hearing, not the judicial one.

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