Use Increase in a Sentence, How to use “Increase” in a sentence


Use Increase in a sentence. How to use the word Increase in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Increase.

Use Increase in a Sentence - How to use "Increase" in a sentence


Examples of Increase in a sentence

  1. The increase in gas-fired power plants means that traditional coal-fired power plants are exceeding the requirements.
  2. Any surplus was sold to increase your income.
  3. In such circumstances, monopolization would result in an increase in the total surplus.
  4. One is the probable reduction in the transport of goods by rail and the consequent increase in the transport of goods by road.
  5. A community garden project in Harlem to increase the access of young people in the city to healthy food and safe recreation.
  6. The spherical aberration produces an increase in the quality factor of the bundle of flat bundles.
  7. Objective To expand the search field of the image-guided missile search engine, decrease the search for blind areas and increase the probability of acquisition of targets.
  8. It is much more profitable to reduce a price than to increase it.
  9. Afterfinish: advanced equipment and distinctive techniques increase the clothing with the perfect hardness.
  10. In recent years, the increase in the price of the stand has alarmed clothing stores.
  11. The Chadian government and EU officials plan to increase the protection of the region by increasing air reconnaissance and providing patrols in the area during the rainy season.
  12. Conclusions Hypoxia can induce an increase in the density of the lung tissue area and a decrease in the air exchange area in the alveoli.
  13. In this document, the damping effect of the pressure pulse of the hydro-pneumatic accumulator is discussed and a measure is suggested to increase the damping effect.
  14. Consequently, managing unemployment must increase the investment of labor capital.
  15. The romantic works increase the interrogations, apostrophes, abrupt interruptions, exclamations and leaders that were so evident in the sentimental comedy.
  16. The spiramycin tablet can markedly increase the level of solubility of the tablet.
  17. The maximum force increases with the increase of the axial length of the coil, given the fixed diameters of the coil. The acceleration of the armature reaches its maximum when the axial length of the coils is short is short.

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