Use Including in a Sentence, How to use “Including” in a sentence


Use Including in a sentence. How to use the word Including in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Including. Sentence for Including.

Use Included in a Sentence - How to use "Included" in a sentence

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Examples of Including in a sentence

  1. The music was also of the highest caliber, including tenor Placido Domingo tenor and cellist Yo – Yo Ma.
  2. An arithmetic unit, which can perform all the arithmetic operations of the dual fields of Galois, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, quadrature, inversion and division, is designed for the ECC.
  3. Queen Victoria, whose ancesters left no record of the disease, transmitted hemophilia to several de-scendants, including the czarevitsch of Russia and a Spanish prince.
  4. Miss Jackson published comic memoirs about her family life, including Life Among the Savages (1953) and Raising Demons (1957).
  5. Using a vaccine that currently treats more than 112 mammals, including deer and wild horse populations in the United States, immunocontraception occurs in female elephants who receive a dose of the protein Porcine Zona Pellucida ( PZP ).
  6. In ODIs this year, he has scored 182 runs in 16 matches and taken 15 wickets at 43.13 (including a five-for against the lightweights of Afghanistan).
  7. It contains about 65 poems, including “Foreign Children”, “The Lamplighter,” “The Land of Counterpane”, “Bed in Summer”, “My Shadow”, and “The Swing”.
  8. Regression estimates: including the intersection and the coefficients for the linear, quadratic and correlation coefficient.


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