Use In Spite in a Sentence – How to use “In Spite” in a sentence


Use In Spite in a sentence. How to use the word In Spite in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word In Spite. Sentence for In Spite.

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Examples of In Spite in a sentence

  1. She offers them both a warm smile, in spite of all of the strangeness.
  2. In spite of all that her mother said to her on the evil of willful untruth, she persisted in her story.
  3. Outraged, she selected him for kur-nu-gi-a, and in spite of two incredible escapes from the dutches of the eager demons thither he went.
  4. In spite of the double subjugation (600 and 597 B.C.), Judah remained in ferment and bitterness against the dominion of Babylon.
  5. A pioneer in abdorninal surgery, he performed in 1809 an ovariotomy by abdominal section on Mrs. Jane Todd Crawford, who consented to the operation in spite of his warning that it had never before been performed without fatal results.
  6. The descendants of Arsaces not only succeeded in maintaining their independence against the Seleucids, in spite of severe reverses, but Mithridates I., the sixth Arsacid (174-136 B.C.), united all Iran under his dominion.
  7. In spite of the bravest efforts the Ionians and Carians were defeated by the Egyptians at Momemphis, as Herodotus states, or as Diodorus tells us, at Marea, on the south-western shore of Lake Mareotis.
  8. Nevertheless, in spite of the favour shown to the Greeks, he knew how to win the good-will of the Egyptians, by a just, moderate, and mild government, and by regard for the well-being of the land.
  9. In spite of the superiority of the numbers opposed to them, the tried and veteran soldiers of David had the advantage over the ill-armed and ill-organised masses of peasants.
  10. From the first, in spite of her hardness, she had taken a liking—I hesitate to use the word “fancy” for a preference so impersonal—to her Virginia cousin.


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