Use In Case in a Sentence, How to use “In Case” in a sentence


Use In Case in a sentence. How to use the word In Case in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word In Case. Sentence for In Case.

In Case - Sentence for In Case - Use In Case in a Sentence


Examples of In Case in a sentence

  1. I left my phone switched on in case Phillip call me.
  2. I drew a map for you in case you have difficulty finding our house.
  3. Write your name and the address on your bag in case you lose it.
  4. Some receive injectable epinephrine that can be given in case of emergency.
  5. In case you missed the post , click here to read it now.
  6. In case you are not sure about your Valentine’s option, trust your loving instincts, you will not be wrong.
  7. He became very possessive of his wife, insisting that she remained constantly at his side in case he needed help, which he often did.
  8. I do not say that I should not, in case all other means should fail, resort to the most decisive measures to secure obedience and subordination.
  9. Are you willing not only to tell me yourselves what you have done, but also, in case any one has forgotten something which she has done, that others should tell me of it?
  10. Besides these things there were two books which Stuyvesant had borrowed of Phonny to read in the cars, in case there should chance to be any detention by the way.
  11. This portfolio he always carried with him on his journeys, so that he could, at any time, have writing materials at hand, in case he wished to write a letter.
  12. The two kingdoms, thus formed would be small and feeble, it was thought, and unable to defend themselves against the other Italian nations in case of war.
  13. She knew well that by doing so she made herself subject to the most dreadful penalties in case her fault should become known.

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