Use Important in a Sentence – How to use “Important” in a sentence


How to use the word Important in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Important.

Use Important in a Sentence - How to use "Important" in a sentence


Examples of Important in a sentence

  1. It comprises an important group of silicates used both as gemstones and as abrasives.
  2. This has put them in conflict with the fishing industry since the extraction of abalone is commercially important.
  3. This formula is important in connexion with the capacity of electric cables, which consist of a cylindrical conductor (a wire) enclosed in a conducting sheath.
  4. In this, as Most important cables, such as those of the Eastern Telegraph and the other with the earth; but it differed from other methods in requiring no ” artificial ” or balancing cable.
  5. Being an educator was very important for Leonard Bernstein.
  6. The article selected 7 and 8 important factors, respectively, in the market for dry bulk vessels and in the market for the transport of dry bulk products, and performed a regression analysis after linearizing the selected data.
  7. Support Vector Regression is an important type of method for regression problems. The prediction rate of support vector regression is proportional to its scarcity.
  8. Fernando Pessoa’s writings, dating from the first part of this century, are also very important.
  9. All scriptures attest to their important place in life and work.
  10. Investigating the inclusion, continuation and innovation of the brand in the retail trade becomes important writings that are better filled with challenges and determination in the position of the retail theory.
  11. Conclusion The ultrasound examination has an important diagnostic value in pericholecystic abscess.
  12. The páramo is an important habitat for many rare bird species.
  13. Feedback is especially important in learning skills.
  14. The shell surrounding the egg has many important functions.
  15. The atmosphere of the pub is equally important.
  16. The environment is as important to the success of a company as the product you sell.
  17. The client of this project will discuss the various characteristics required and how important they are, while the architect uses the bubbles to approximate the space and to cover other types of information.

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