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Examples of Impetus in a sentence

*** The recent publicity on homelessness has given a new impetus to the cause.

*** The execution of an insurance company is a system combined with capabilities and impetus.


*** Jhering’s theory had a great influence on the German legislation and the judicial precedent and gave impetus to the legislation of the countries that belong to the Continental Law System.

*** Greed is the impetus of corporate fraud, integrity, fairness, cleanliness and responsibility are fundamental to sustainable business growth.

*** This document analyzes the development impetus, the pattern and the bottleneck of the venous industry, defines its development objective and provides the references available for its development direction.

*** I hope that this anniversary will result in a new impetus for field-based biology and paleontology to answer these questions.


*** At present, the impetus for a new round of revitalization of the local economy lies in the development of the strategic children’s industry.

*** How did Arirang’s original music, as a voluminous “homonymous ballad group”, serve as an impetus for the formation of the Arirang phenomenon?

*** Formalization is a necessary requirement and a driving impetus for design patterns.

*** Therefore, the neoteric peasant movements are the main impetus of China’s previous modernization.


*** The car ran down the hill by its own impetus.

*** Remus was not an Animagus; he was a werewolf; it was his monthly transformation into a wolf that earned him the nickname “Moony” and provided the impetus for others to become Animagi.

*** China, the total opening and the deep reform in the areas of public services to foreign counterparts give a great impetus to the development of the tertiary industry.

*** The greatest inflationary impetus was caused by the combination of two factors.


*** That has provided the impetus to invent P2P technologies, or person to person, to handle the surge.

Impetus in a Sentence

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