Use Imperial in a Sentence, How to use “Imperial” in a sentence


Use Imperial in a sentence. How to use the word Imperial in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Imperial. Sentence for Imperial.

Use Imperial in a Sentence - How to use "Imperial" in a sentence

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Examples of imperial in a sentence

  1. In 1632, shortly before his death, Hsü became imperial grand secretary.
  2. In 1899, they were called for service in the Imperial Yeomanry, for the Boer War.
  3. There was in Russia at this time a very powerful body of troops, which had been organized by the emperors, and was maintained by them as an imperial guard.
  4. But, besides these nobles, there was another very important power at the imperial court at this time, namely, the army.
  5. Critics pointed out that the same conservative party that designed Brexit fueled the longing for an imperial Britain.
  6. Another wonder is the imperial zoo that houses big and fearsome monsters, as well as curiosities and abominations of the northern waste.
  7. Others they threw down from the wall of the imperial palace upon the soldiers’ pikes below, which the men held up for the purpose of receiving them.
  8. Couvansky also conceived the design of securing and perpetuating the power which he hoped thus to acquire through the army by a marriage of his son with one of the princesses of the imperial family.
  9. There was no one in the imperial family to whom this party could look for a leader and head except the Princess Sophia.
  10. The sending of a grand embassage like this from one royal or imperial potentate to another was a very common occurrence in those times.
  11. Two years later he was appointed rector of the Imperial College of Science and Technology in London.
  12. Tokyo’s second Four Seasons hotel atop six floors of a 39-story structure, has 193 suites and rooms soaring up to the skies, has five regal restaurants and bars and a top-floor luxurious spa is suited to face the Imperial Palace.
  13. The government and the people of Holland took a very great interest in this embassy, not only on account of the splendor of it, and the magnitude of the imperial power which it represented, but also on account of the business and pecuniary considerations which were involved.


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