Use Ill in a Sentence, How to use “Ill” in a sentence


How to use the word Ill in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Ill.

Ill - Sentence for Ill - Use Ill in a Sentence


Examples of Ill in a sentence

  1. There had never been any ill-feeling between them until that night.
  2. He failed in business, and to make matters worse, his wife fell ill.
  3. If he continues drinking too much, he will fall ill sooner or later.
  4. Donald became violently ill after eating the dinner that Mary had prepared him.
  5. This morning I got a telegram from home saying that my father had been suddenly taken ill.
  6. Unfortunately, I began to feel ill during the meal and had to go home.
  7. Jack read a lot of books and magazines while he was ill.
  8. He retired because of ill health in 1840.
  9. Let’s keep it secret that he is ill.
  10. She’s been ill since last Wednesday.
  11. “Is he seriously ill?” “I hope not.”
  12. A newborn baby is liable to fall ill.
  13. He has been ill in bed for four days.
  14. He looks as if he is going to be ill.
  15. He was ill, but today he’s all right.
  16. I am very ill at ease with strangers.
  17. Mary and I were ill in bed yesterday.
  18. Donald said he was ill, which was a lie.
  19. He has been ill for the past few days.
  20. He is always speaking ill of his wife.
  21. I can see he is ill by his appearance.
  22. I regret to say that he is ill in bed.
  23. I saw at once that he was ill at ease.
  24. If he isn’t ill, I think he will come.
  25. She looks pale. She may have been ill.
  26. Judging from his appearance, he is ill.
  27. She could not come because she was ill.
  28. I hear he has been ill since last month.
  29. Being ill, I stayed at home all day long.
  30. I can’t see you today because I feel ill.
  31. I have been ill in bed since last Friday.
  32. I was very ill at ease with those people.
  33. It’s a pity that he should be ill in bed.
  34. They often heard him speak ill of others.
  35. To make matters worse, his wife fell ill.
  36. You are too ready to speak ill of others.
  37. He is always complaining of ill treatment.
  38. He said, “I felt ill, but I am all right.”
  39. He seems to have been ill for a long time.
  40. He was ill, so he lay in bed all day long.
  41. It is said that his mother is gravely ill.
  42. The fact that she is ill worries me a lot.
  43. I have never heard him speak ill of others.
  44. Mary has been ill in bed since last Monday.
  45. One month after he had become ill, he died.
  46. You gain nothing by speaking ill of others.
  47. He felt ill at ease in the new surroundings.
  48. He is seriously ill and unlikely to recover.
  49. The reason for my absence is that I was ill.
  50. He felt ill at ease among prominent scholars.
  51. He is the last person to speak ill of others.
  52. It never occurred to me that he might be ill.
  53. Mary is very ill and I’m afraid she is dying.
  54. Not being careful of his health, he fell ill.
  55. She said she was ill in bed, which was a lie.
  56. They spoke ill of the captain in his absence.
  57. To make matters worse, his mother became ill.
  58. He became so ill that he died two hours later.

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