Use Husband in a Sentence, How to use “Husband” in a sentence


Use Husband in a sentence. How to use the word Husband in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Husband.

use husband in a sentence


Examples of Husband in a sentence

  1. *** remarry husband and wife have no children, can you regenerate the second birth?
  2. *** Your husband is the most boring person I have ever met.
  3. *** Janet and her husband vie for control over their daughter.
  4. *** Plotting to master her husband, Laura suggests that he is unbalanced and may not be the child’s father.
  5. *** The Christmas wishes for the husband are sent to make the occasion of Christmas very special for the husband.
  6. *** You can also send a video of Christmas wishes for the husband with love notes so that the occasion is very special.
  7. *** Let’s see some of the samples of Christmas messages 2017 for the husband sent in different ways:
  8. *** I’m lucky to have a husband like you.
  9. *** I will celebrate with you for the first time dear husband.
  10. *** For a wife whose husband is abroad for some work or for any other reason during Christmas, the wife can send Christmas wishes to the husband through emails, through text messages on mobile sites and social networks.
  11. *** You can also upload a photo of Christmas wish on social networks and wish the husband.
  12. *** The funny Christmas wishes for the husband are sent through text messages with funny emoticons or through cards containing funny characters.
  13. *** The funny wishes are sent to make the festival more happy and special and to be a smile on the face of the husband.
  14. *** Merry Christmas to my sweet husband, you filled my life with the nectar of love, I am blessed to have a husband who lies to you.
  15. *** You are not only my husband, you are the reason for my existence, you are not only my soul mate, you are also my best friend On Christmas Day 2017, I ask God to bless your life with success, prosperity and happiness.
  16. *** Later her husband succeeded as a stock broker and Mrs. Miller as a writer of fiction.

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