Use However in a Sentence, How to use “However” in a sentence


Use However in a sentence. How to use the word However in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word However.

Use However in a Sentence


Definition of However

  1. used to introduce a statement that contrasts with or seems to contradict something that has been said previously.
  2. in whatever way; regardless of how.

Examples of However in a sentence

  1. However, that gap seems to be closing.
  2. However, the higher the current, the shorter is the life of the lamp.
  3. The unanticipated nature of accidents, however, does not mean that they occur by chance.
  4. I want to give you some good examples, however, I do not have enough time.
  5. However, the reality is that he is married to two women and living with each other in a different neighborhood.
  6. However, when I got older, I realized that the writers’s job is to infect the reader’s brain.
  7. You can borrow my car; however, you will need to put gas in it before you return it.
  8. However and nevertheless are used mainly to express contrast or conflict
  9. However, Jane did not want to marry Guildford because she thought he was rude.
  10. However, the changes seen in plants that go wild is similar to those of animals.
  11. The most important early states, however, were the Ancient Greek states which had freedom, writing and a democracy.
  12. Just today I learned what rust means in English, however I know English well.
  13. However, both weapons were made and used until the end of the war.
  14. At his adult ceremony, however, everything changes too quickly to predict.
  15. However, crops did not grow as well when they were close together.
  16. I am 25 and wants to start doing exercise in morning.however, I don’t want to go to gym.
  17. However I am having an operation on my knee very soon therefore ruling out all manual labour jobs for quite a while.
  18. I want to free download photoshop, however, I couldn t find any links.
  19. However, he quickly became famous for conducting the music of others.
  20. I have a background in chemical engineering, however, I have been working with an analytics company for the past year.
  21. My parents are forcing me to marry this year. however I have no intention to marry at least for next 2 years.
  22. I need to have academic education in order to have better job opportunities, however, it would be a better way to serve my country in the future.
  23. However, there are many diseases that can cause your body to have diarrhea.
  24. The soy milk I make using those machines taste however differently from the soy milk I bought from the market.
  25. We have a higher number of holidays than any other country, however we want more holidays.
  26. I like this girl and she said she likes me. however she doesn’t want a relationship right now.
  27. After 1934, however, cotton goods became paramount, and by 1955 steel and iron ranked as the leading items.
  28. However, it is usually conceded that many scientific methods are, and should be, used in accounting.
  29. However, the difference is not so great that the lack of agreement will cause great harm.
  30. However, if an unduly high current continues to flow, the fuse will blow.
  31. The life-styles of the poor, however, have not changed as much.
  32. However, both phenomena are most easily discussed in terms of the magnetic field in the region of currents.
  33. However, in 1965 he reluctantly asked Singapore to withdraw from Malaysia because of political problems.
  34. However, Roman Catholic doctrine opposes any direct killing of the fetus.
  35. More recently, however, the field of artificial life has concentrated on producing realistic behavior.
  36. However, those holding to traditionalist views object specifically to abortion for rape and to abortion for fetal abnormality.
  37. However, Joab had not forgotten Asahel’s death, and when Abner came to David’s camp with an Israelite embassy, Joab killed him at the gate of Hebron.
  38. However, much embroidery, especially costly work for ceremonial purposes, has always been produced by professionals, male as well as female.
  39. However, according to the common teaching of theologians, encyclicals are manifestations of the ordinary teaching authority of the papacy and therefore require at least respectful adherence on the part of the faithful.
  40. Electric rockets produce much smaller thrust forces than chemical rockets; however, the total impulse of electric rockets is comparable to that of chemical rockets.
  41. They are, however, involved in many aspects of plant culture, including prevention of preharvest drop of fruits, increase in fruit set, production of seedless fruits, weed control, stimulation of flower formation (pineapple), and prolongation of dormancy in nursery stock.

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