Houses in a Sentence

How to use the word Houses in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Houses.

Examples of Houses in a sentence

1 – Variations in the design, materials, construction, and decoration of tools and of houses and other buildings are found between even neighboring tribes.

2 – The semi-circular shell in the foreground houses the orchestra.

3 – Houses often had two or three stories, but some had as many as seven.

4 – Two heritages are preserved in Egypt: the mosque-university of al-Azhar is a center of Islamic studies; the Egyptian Museum houses treasures of the pharaohs.

*** One kind of incandescent-filament lamp operates at a high voltage and is used for lighting the interiors of houses and other buildings.

*** Other kinds of incandescent-filament lamps are designed for use in light-houses, high-mast street lighting installations, and other special-purpose applications.

*** Most houses have a three-wire service that provides electric power at both 115 volts and 230 volts.

*** Older houses with this service may have 60-ampere capacity, while more recently built homes have service of 100-ampere capacity.

*** Aberdeen has several fine houses built before the Civil War.

*** Decorative painting on houses is widespread, but because the surface is mud or unfired clay, it is quite unsubstantial.

*** The aerial view is magnificent, with its rows of houses and its great harbor.

*** The New York bank also has a built-in wildcard: Citi Holdings, the unit that houses its unwanted assets.

*** Wall Street analysts and economists have emptied boxes of toner cartridges in recent weeks, giving an opinion on what could be under the balance sheets of banks and brokerage houses.

*** These houses seem to blend in with the surrounding landscape.

*** Our houses and living victuals were better and healthier than they are now.

*** This is where you develop to manage and enjoy the things you start in angular houses.

*** The crowded houses and the noise they provide make the television experience more compelling.

*** The new facility is supported by tractor houses and a missing oil refinery.

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