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Definition of House

Examples of House in a sentence

*** They have not managed to seize his house, because he has never had one.

*** It was being screened by House of Graff, based in London.


*** Off the courtyard were the downstairs rooms where the master of the house lived and entertained.

*** The city was founded to house the workers of the Eisenhütten Kombinat Ost (East iron works).

*** In nearly all communities the electric wiring system of a new dwelling must be inspected and approved before the house can be occupied, and repairs and extensions of an existing system must also be inspected.

*** In a modern home electric system, electric power is brought to the house at nominal voltages of both 115 volts and 230 volts, although the actual voltages may vary slightly.


*** The interior is furnished in a simple but very pleasant way, in keeping with the atmosphere of the old world cottage of the house.

*** A watt-hour meter that measures the energy consumed is usually installed along the service-entrance conductors outside the house where it can easily be read by the power company.

*** The service equipment constitutes the main control of the electrical supply in the house.

*** It is usually contained in a steel box close to the point where the service-entrance conductors enter the house.


*** From the service equipment, branch circuits distribute electricity throughout the house.

*** Within the service equipment there must be at least one main circuit breaker or one main fuse and switch for disconnecting the house wiring system from the service entrance conductors.

*** From the service entrance equipment, branch circuits carry electricity to all parts of the house.

*** He dropped Nathalie in the house, then continued on to Stone to change the accumulator.


*** The huge bull caught him around the wheel house and hit him in the air.

*** The defendants took an aerial photograph of the plaintiff’s house and were sued for intrusion to the land.

*** My mother loves to buy different furniture and upholstery to keep changing the look and feel of our house.

*** The other said that Courtney carried out an illegal abortion in her house.


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