Use Hour in a Sentence, How to use “Hour” in a sentence


Use Hour in a sentence. How to use the word Hour in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Hour. Sentence for Hour.

Hour - Sentence for Hour - Use Hour in a Sentence


Examples of Hour in a sentence

  1. The confusion was unholy, the hour was unholy, and Barnabas had begun to snore lately with an alternative bass and baritone.
  2. The vicar preached to the congregation for half an hour.
  3. Then will it be one hour before or one hour after noon?
  4. The record of each day will be read on the succeeding day at the hour for business.
  5. If she does not, she must spend the half hour in idleness, and be unprepared in her lesson.
  6. At the close of each half hour a little bell was to be struck, and this card was to be taken down.
  7. “The passage of a cold front through the coverage area will cause in the next hours a change in the direction of the winds to the south sector, with speeds between 50 and 70 kilometers per hour with gusts of up to 90 kilometers per hour“, warn from the organism.
  8. The end is, at the same time, an accusation of social media, its founders and the inability of society to gather an adequate response to daily tragedies, as the 24-hour news cycle keeps our time lines inundated and our Silenced emotions.
  9. They were sometimes unnecessarily idle, and sometimes mischievous, but never usefully or pleasantly employed, for the whole hour was passed before the pens could all be brought down.
  10. It is a good plan to have the bell five minutes before each half hour expires, and then exactly at its close.
  11. Imagine, then, that a teacher requested all the pupils of his school who could write to take out their slates at the hour for a general exercise.
  12. I was walking out a few days since, and not being particularly in haste, I concluded to visit a certain school for an hour or two.

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