Use Hospital in a Sentence, How to use “Hospital” in a sentence


Use Hospital in a sentence. How to use the word Hospital in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Hospital.

Use Hospital in a Sentence - How to use "Hospital" in a sentence


Examples of Hospital in a sentence

  1. Hospital governs an effective tool in calculating the limit indefinitely.
  2. The hospital rule is an effective tool in calculating the limit indefinitely.
  3. Patients receive a very healthy diet in the hospital.
  4. Is the family hospital for chronic pancreatitis nationwide not mismanaged?
  5. Ms. Morton worked in the laundry room of a local hospital and had to alternate shifts.
  6. This was in 1994 when cell phones barely existed and couples rented paging from the hospital as a means of telling their partner that their water had broken!
  7. Instead, they want three anesthetists living near Llandudno Hospital to be placed on a local coverage list.
  8. I stood, incredulous yet ecstatic, before the superintendent of the hospital.
  9. His devotion to the project won the interest of Hogarth, who presented his fine portrait of Coram to the hospital, and of Handel, who gave recitals there.
  10. He found public expenditures to be productive because they satisfied direct human wants (for instance, providing a public park), or because they created efficiency or capital ( as in providing an education or a hospital), or because they created income.
  11. After all, it isn’t every Southern nurse, just out of training, who can boast a kinswoman in the superintendent of a New York hospital.
  12. From my first day in his hospital, from the moment when I watched, through closed shutters, while he stepped out of his car, I have never doubted that he was assigned to the great part in the play.
  13. They have been married only a little over a year, and in the beginning she used to come sometimes to the hospital and wait outside while the doctor made his visits.
  14. To see her face light up when the doctor came out of the hospital and crossed the pavement to his car, was as good as a play.

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