Use Horseback in a Sentence, How to use “Horseback” in a sentence


Use Horseback in a sentence. How to use the word Horseback in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Horseback. Sentence for Horseback.

Use Horseback in a Sentence - How to use "Horseback" in a sentence


Examples of horseback in a sentence

  1. I would rather have a good ride on horseback than any thing else.
  2. She traveled on horseback, and was several days on the journey.
  3. He, however, pressed forward into the water on horseback, intending to ford the stream.
  4. Peter himself rode conspicuously at the head of the troops on horseback.
  5. But we can’t carry him home very well on horseback, at least till we get out of the woods, because the road is so steep and rough.
  6. Demetrius, sick as he was, mounted on horseback, and put himself at the head of his forces to go out to meet his enemy.
  7. She could shoot arrows, and throw the javelin, and ride on horseback at the head of a troop of armed men.
  8. Norman knight of the eleventh century with a mesh coat, shield shaped like a comet, sword and long spear that could be used on horseback.
  9. Two or three days after Wallace arrived at Franconia, he and Phonny formed a plan to go and take a ride on horseback.
  10. He said that he should like better to learn to drive oxen than to take a ride on horseback.
  11. The faces present the heads of the princes, in characteristic and individual portraits; the reverses exhibit Heracles, Athena, Apollo with a crown of rays, the Dioscuri on horseback, lance in hand.
  12. Ardeshir, like the founder of the Persian empire, caused a portrait of himself on horseback to be cut in a rock-wall to the north-west of Persepolis (Naksh-i-Rustem) in remembrance of the achievements which established his kingdom–the rock on which 700 years before Darius had marked his tomb by a portrait and inscription.


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