Use Horror in a Sentence, How to use “Horror” in a sentence


Use Horror in a sentence. How to use the word Horror in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Horror. Sentence for Horror.

Horror - Sentence for Horror - Use Horror in a Sentence
Definition of Horror

  1. an intense feeling of fear, shock or disgust.
  2. a bad or naughty person, especially a child.

Examples of Horror in a sentence

  1. Pakistan, an experimental laboratory of Islam, had turned into a horror.
  2. There was an abondoned house near our school and we used to go there to play horror games.
  3. He realized with absolute horror that he no longer had the money.
  4. Shirley Jackson; (1919-1965), American novelist and short-story writer, whose brilliant tales are noted for their atmosphere of Gothic horror and brooding fantasy.
  5. Her eyes grew wide in horror and her hands shot instinctively to cover her mouth lest a scream escape of its own accord.
  6. Monster 1.5 is a horror board game that features miniatures and cards and where cooperation amongst players is needed for survival.
  7. To his astonishment and horror, he found that blood flowed from the roots whenever they were broken.
  8. As soon as the deed was done, Romulus was at once overwhelmed with remorse and horror at the atrocity of the crime which he had been so suddenly led to commit.
  9. What a nuisance we are when we impose upon an imaginative child that horror known as a mechanical toy!
  10. As was expected, most of these stories include horror experiences that servers had while working in restaurants, bars, etc., from not receiving a tip to Karens yelling at their faces, Reddit users share how saying that “customer is always right” is practically never the case.
  11. The Greeks were even allowed to erect altars and temples in the country; the king himself provided the necessary sites; a proceeding which must have filled with horror and dismay the priests of the land, and all Egyptians of the old way of thinking.


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