Use Horrible in a Sentence, How to use “Horrible” in a sentence


Use Horrible in a sentence. How to use the word Horrible in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Horrible. Sentence for Horrible.

Use Horrible in a Sentence - How to use "Horrible" in a sentence


Examples of Horrible in a sentence

  1. Really horrible So I was very worried about trying another brand.
  2. It might be–too horrible–for a girl, you see. Better stay here.
  3. The horrible housing blunder.
  4. Horrible, heroic or humorous, screen depictions reflect shifting attitudes about police.
  5. The victim of this horrible punishment is trussed up, arms and legs, and thrown on his knees; then, on the bare soles of his feet a pliant green rod is brought down with all the force of a soldier’s arm.
  6. And yet these men were actually preparing themselves to be slaughtered, to be butchered, one by one, by slow degrees, and in the most horrible and cruel manner; and they knew perfectly well that it was so.
  7. Vast numbers of the Danes were destroyed; and so great was the hatred of the two races for each other, that they who had these bloody orders to obey executed them with a savage cruelty that was absolutely horrible.
  8. It would be best, in narrating history, to suppress such horrid details as these, were it not that in a land like this, where so much depends upon the influence of every individual in determining whether the questions and discussions which are from time to time arising, and are hereafter to arise, shall be settled peacefully, or by a resort to violence and civil war, it is very important that we should all know what civil war is, and to what horrible atrocities it inevitably leads.
  9. Of those upon the ill-fated ship the degenerates Encolpius, Giton, and Eumolpus, who have wronged Lichas irreparably, escape, while the pious Lichas meets a horrible death.
  10. Terrified by this vision, he did not hesitate to add the murder of a brother to the burning of temples. For this horrible service he sent Cometes, a Magian, one of his trusted servants.

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