Use Hit in a Sentence, How to use “Hit” in a sentence


Use Hit in a sentence. How to use the word Hit in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Hit. Sentence for Hit.

Idioms With "Hit" and Meanings


Examples of Hit in a sentence

  1. Therefore, he had hit on the expedient of giving to his action the name and, so far as the nature of the thing permitted, the character of a “pacific demonstration.”
  2. All these different languages may have hit on the same word or phrase to express an idea, or these words and idioms may have been borrowed from one language by the others, or they may come from a common origin.
  3. The boar was surrounded on Olympus, and javelins thrown at it from every side; the spear of Adrastus missed the boar and hit Attys.
  4. By a rapid march upon the enemy’s metropolis Cyrus intended to cripple the Lydian forces, hit Croesus in the very centre of his power, and bring the war to an end at a blow.
  5. Cyrus fell from his horse, and as he lay on the ground an Indian hit him with his javelin under the hip in the thigh.
  6. He meant to stab Apis in the belly, but he hit the thigh and said with a laugh to the priests: ‘Wretches, are these creatures gods, which have flesh and blood, and feel iron?
  7. There is your son in the portico; if I hit him in the heart it is clear that the Persians are wrong in what they say.
  8. When he came to Babylon, by way of pastime he chipped a piece of wood with a sword, and so hit the
    muscle of his thigh, and died on the eleventh day after, when he had reigned eighteen years.
  9. The first could not use the bow, for the conspirators were close upon him, but the other wounded Aspathines in the thigh and hit Intaphernes in the eye.

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