Use higher in a sentence

Use higher in a sentence. Sentence for higher. How to use the word higher in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word higher. How to use “higher” with example sentences.

Definition of higher

Examples of higher in a sentence

*** The lesser gods and the higher divine beings are immune to Orcus’s Nether Vehemence.

*** This measure inevitably means higher long-term taxes.


*** The switching element generates an alternating current voltage having a quasi-higher frequency from a direct current voltage.

*** The informational advantage of higher-risk arbitrageurs is not as convincing in situations such as long-term liquidations, derivatives and large friendly offers.

*** The harmonic cancellation control strategy based on ASLMS is proposed to eliminate the higher harmonics of the acceleration response.

*** The consequent reduction of torque at low speeds, which results in a poor initial acceleration, is compensated by the higher steady-state speed.


*** “In feudal law, acquittal was the obligation of a mesne lord to protect his tenants from claims by higher lords resulting from his own debts to the higher lords.

*** The pulse is rapid and the temperature may be as high as 107°F or 110°F or higher.

*** Ownership of horses still has pockets of popularity, but with pending legislation, a greater number of training techniques considered unacceptable and a greater public awareness of the welfare of horses, the costs of having a horse are getting higher and higher.

*** Only corn costs had higher stress factors.


*** He sought to turn a stagnant economy into a growth economy by establishing a higher level of government investment.

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