Use Hid in a Sentence, How to use “Hid” in a sentence


Use Hid in a sentence. How to use the word Hid in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Hid. Sentence for Hid.

Use Hid in a Sentence - How to use "Hid" in a sentence

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Examples of Hid in a sentence

  1. I hid myself under the bed.
  2. He hid his toys under the bed.
  3. Over the years, he safely hid many bicycles, dollhouses and sleds.
  4. She broke down, and dropping on the rug at my feet, hid her face in her hands.
  5. The messengers hid themselves by the wayside until the troop had gone by.
  6. Some clouds, dark purple streaks showing in them, hid the blue and made the skies sombre.
  7. A sadness that he made no effort to conceal and that she bravely hid oppressed them both.
  8. Stooping swiftly, she picked up the letter from the rug and hid it in her bosom.
  9. They entirely forgot that they were hid from Jonas, for nearly half an hour; and then Rollo proposed that they should creep softly down, and see what Jonas was about.
  10. Once again she hid under the bed and stole it while he slept, but he woke and chased her, and she escaped over the bridge of one hair.
  11. The story was, that in the confusion and alarm she hid herself with others in an oven, and was found by the Russian soldiers there, and carried off as a valuable prize.
  12. I could still see the spiral of smoke, a true beacon to me, though it was all but hid by the increasing clouds.
  13. He stole away in great fright and hid himself behind the hangings in a dark recess in the palace.
  14. He hid himself in a neighboring wood, and, with a degree of sagacity and discretion remarkable in a boy of his years, he contrived to find his way back to the smoking ruins of his home at the Abbey of Crowland.


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