Use Heterogeneous in a Sentence, How to use “Heterogeneous” in a sentence


Use Heterogeneous in a sentence. How to use the word Heterogeneous in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Heterogeneous. Sentence for Heterogeneous.

Use Heterogeneous in a Sentence - How to use "Heterogeneous" in a sentence

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Examples of Heterogeneous in a sentence

  1. Avoid heterogeneous sentences.
  2. Entropy allows for heterogeneous substances to become homogeneous over time.
  3. Homogeneous reactions are chemical reactions in which the reactants and products are in the same phase, while heterogeneous reactions have reactants in two or more phases.
  4. It is manifestly impossible to label any system of values as typical of the peoples of a continent as heterogeneous as Africa.
  5. With such a heterogeneous mass there could be no common bond, nor any general and central authority.
  6. The community over which he was called to preside had consisted thus far of very heterogeneous and discordant materials.
  7. Such extended and heterogeneous masses of population as those which were spread over Europe and Asia, in the days of the Romans, could be kept subject to the necessary restraints of social order only by some very powerful instrumentality.
  8. To gather up these heterogeneous materials of comfort required some little time, and, in the meanwhile, the bedstead subsided.
  9. Hence, an element may be homogeneous on a larger scale, compared to being heterogeneous on a smaller scale.
  10. In chemistry, a heterogeneous mixture consists of either or both of a) multiple states of matter or b) hydrophilic and hydrophobic substances in one mixture; an example of the latter would be a mixture of water, octane, and silicone grease.
  11. Earth is a heterogeneous substance in many aspects. e.g. rocks (geology) are inherently heterogeneous, usually occurring at the micro-scale and mini-scale.
  12. In medicine and genetics, a genetic or allelic heterogeneous condition is one where the same disease or condition can be caused, or contributed to, by several factors, or in genetic terms, by varying or different genes or alleles.


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