Use Her in a Sentence, How to use “Her” in a sentence


Use her in a sentence. How to use the word her in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word her. How to use “her” with example sentences

Use Her in a Sentence - How to use "Her" in a sentence


Examples of her in a sentence

  1. *** Her opposition to abortion and feminism points her out as a convinced traditionalist.
  2. *** She has remitted a part of her prayer.
  3. *** She was using all her powers of persuasion to induce the Griffins to stay on Rollway.
  4. *** Annie knew there was some mystery surrounding her birth.
  5. *** Marie said, following Helen down the hall with her familiar wet smell of moldy hair, cedar and mothballs.
  6. *** She was surprised by her son’s strong opposition to his new marriage.
  7. *** She was completely surprised by her anger.
  8. *** Some nausea temporarily drowned, although her throat felt glazed with salt.
  9. *** Nausea rose in her throat, threatening to drown her, when she saw the bloody arrow pressed into her hand.
  10. *** The opinion that Anne was a sentimental Jacobite who secretly wanted her brother-in-law to succeed her now has been discredited as a myth.
  11. *** Instead, she was forced to subscribe to Emerson’s misleading account of her acquaintances.
  12. *** Emily was flipping her labels, accompanied by Mr. Zamoyski’s hammering from the back room.
  13. *** She reads zigzag lines on the ground that the Ant Family has written and copies the words in her purple notebook.
  14. *** So it was a sacred duty of a husband not to reject her that day, even if he practiced celibacy.
  15. *** “I was a little afraid of the slide, the people and the camera crew, but we attracted her with some fish,” zoo keeper Fred van ‘t Hof told A on Thursday.
  16. *** Then, surprised, she remembered her promise to go to the zoo.
  17. *** She was restless and needed a new boost for her talent.
  18. *** She grabbed the handle, but the momentum was too great, and it was torn from her convulsed hand.

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