Use Helpful in a Sentence, How to use “Helpful” in a sentence


Use Helpful in a sentence. How to use the word Helpful in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Helpful. Sentence for Helpful.

Use Helpful in a Sentence - How to use "Helpful" in a sentence


Examples of Helpful in a sentence

  1. This vagueness, though not very helpful to the voters, doubtless helped the voting; for there was hardly any pro-war feeling among the masses.
  2. But as to the precedents, it may be observed that the most pertinent and helpful of all was one which M. Briand did not cite.
  3. But Grundtvig was still too busy with other things to comply with the wish of his most faithful and helpful friend.
  4. With more manners than efficiency Flame and her Father dropped at once every helpful thing they were doing and sat down in rocking chairs to listen to the plan.
  5. But the results of the search were helpful to me.
  6. So I will set them down in case they may be helpful to others.
  7. Then those who have been kind and helpful and humane are rewarded because ‘Ye have been kind to me.’
  8. For first, they should study truthfulness, striving to love their neighbours, and to be helpful and gentle to all…
  9. Thus have I received the most helpful manifestations.
  10. Surely it is something to go hand in hand with the year’s ripening harvest, for Nature unfolds many a secret then, more strange than any fairy tale and more helpful than any fevered fancy of vague theorist.
  11. He was cruel in word, only that He might be the more kind and the more helpful in deed.
  12. Two other mythical birds, the two eagles of the sky, Amru and Chamru, are invoked as helpful powers.
  13. They can compel the gods to be helpful to them, if only they understand how to invoke them rightly.
  14. The gods invoked in the land of the Indus had been the spirits of light, of the clear sky, of the winds, the helpful force of fire, the rain-giving power of the storm-god.

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