Helped in a Sentence

Use helped in a sentence. How to use the word helped in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word helped. Sentence for helped.

Helped in a Sentence

Examples of helped in a sentence

1 – In Louisville he helped to establish the public school system and to found the University of Louisville.

2 – Augustus Thomas; (1859-1934), American playwright, whose local-color plays helped to develop the popular American theater.

3 – He helped to persuade the Government to spend 200 million pounds on cleaning beaches in Britain and 600 million pounds for cleaning the aerial discharges of coal-fired power plants.

4 – Filthy, horrid, hungry creatures, they helped punish the blind prophet Phineus by snatehing away or defiling all food placed before him.

5 – His accountant helped him and instigated him into fraud.

6 – Known as the “Queen of the Gospel Song,” she helped popularize this form of music, in which a religious text is combined with the mood and rhythm of blues music.

7 – Trevor helped the police by using his psychic powers.

8 – Fire teams from all neighboring districts helped fight fires in the city.

9 – During this period, he drank a lot, used illegal drugs and “Tender Vittles of free base” until his friends helped him recover.

10 – Helped and instigated by two glasses of wine, he became very sentimental.

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11 – Louis XIII helped to expand the convincing course of the structures of the French state.

12 – The acceleration of a major cost reduction exercise initiated in 1991 and an active portfolio reorientation program helped limit losses.

13 – As he passed through the congregation, Jim chose the faces of the people who had helped Tom transform the Most Holy Trinity.

14 – An elephant in West Midland Safari Park, United Kingdom, put its size to good use when it helped a zoo keeper kick-start his car, the Daily Telegraph reported.

15 – Alfred Cort Haddon; (1855-1940), English inthropologist and comparative anatomist, who helped establish the science of anthropology in Britain.

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